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Hello my name is Eirini Daktilidi and i am a yoga teacher in Mykonos island in Greece. Before Yoga i used to face several health issues it was basic strech related. I was back then when i realized the mind and the body connection and how important is to have the balance in our life. Yoga combination of movement and breathing can help you see life from different perspective and also can make you feel amazing. This is why i decide to become a yoga teacher as i had the need to share this with other people.

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Yoga Mykonos

arm balances

turn on the nervous and endocrine system

Yoga Mykonos

Power up your practice

time to take your yoga to the next level

Yoga Mykonos

Yoga Trapeze

aerial yoga masterclass

Yoga Mykonos

Yoga Wheel Practice

inversions fun and playful part of a yoga

Personal Training

movement & Backbends

understanding back bending anatomy

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Yoga Mykonos
Personal Training
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